Unlock the Reader in Every Child

With personalized stories catering to their interests and reading ability

Our Value

Kids thrive when they are interested and engaged in their reading.

With Spellbound Reading, every story is crafted uniquely for your Kid’s interests and reading ability, in a child-friendly and safe learning environment you can trust.

Safety First

Parents are always in control

With Spellbound Reading’s comprehensive set of parental controls

Parent Dashboard

Manage your child’s reading adventure from one central location. The dashboard allows you to track progress, adjust settings, and stay connected with every aspect of their learning journey.

Progress Monitoring

Watch your child’s reading skills develop in real-time. This tool provides insights into their progress, highlighting both their achievements and areas where they can improve.


Encourage daily reading habits with our goal-setting feature. By establishing daily reading goals, parents can motivate their children to read consistently, fostering steady progress and a lifelong love for reading.

Profiles for up to 4 Children

Spellbound is perfect for families! Every account supports up to four children at no extra cost. Create personalized profiles for each child, tailored to meet their unique reading needs and preferences.

Motivation and Rewards

Read More, Earn More, Explore More

Spellbound Reading’s unique rewards system motivates kids to dive deeper into reading. The more they read, the more they unlock in their Spellbound world.

Spell Shop

Welcome to the Spell Shop! Here, young readers can spend their hard-earned scrolls to unlock new and exciting features, enriching their reading adventures.

Earn Scrolls

The more your child reads, the more scrolls they earn, enabling them to unlock exciting new features and expand their storytelling adventures.

Story Characters

Unlock Fable the Forgetful Fox and other vibrant characters to include in your stories. Discovering new characters brings fresh excitement and personalization to each tale.

Story Settings

Explore mysterious and thrilling places like The Dark Cave. Each new setting your child discovers brings depth and intrigue to your child’s reading adventures.

Story Plots

Collect exciting plots like “A Treasure Hunt” to weave into your stories. Each plot reveals new adventures and challenges, keeping reading fun and engaging.

Commitment to Parents

Putting Families First

Privacy is our Priority

Your family’s data will remain confidential

Safe Learning Environment

A safe space for children to learn, free of inappropriate content.

Responsible use of AI

We approach AI cautiously and with the best interests of our young learners in mind.

Parents are in Control

Parents know best, so we provide comprehensive controls.

Distraction Free Learning

Spellbound is ad-free and microtransaction-free, keeping the focus on learning.


Daily reading makes a BIG difference

With Spellbound Reading’s Personalized stories, kids can create limitless literary adventures with content and vocabulary right at their level.


Minutes a day

Reading just 20 minutes a day results in exposure to 1.8 million vocabulary words per year.


of Kids

More than half (54%) of all students do not get enough daily reading practice, with only 18% reading 30 minutes or more per day.


pages per day

10% higher in reading proficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concise answers to common questions, providing clarity and confidence to parents exploring Spellbound Reading.

What age group is Spellbound Reading designed for?

Spellbound Reading is crafted specifically for young readers ages 6-12, providing an engaging and adaptive learning experience that grows with your child.

How does Spellbound Reading improve reading skills?

Our platform focuses on enhancing fluency and comprehension through interactive storytelling and knowledge checks, tailored to help your child succeed at their own pace.

How does Spellbound Reading encourage frequent reading?

The platform motivates children by allowing them to earn Scrolls for achieving reading goals, which can be used to unlock new story elements and features, making reading a rewarding adventure.

Can parents monitor their child’s progress on Spellbound Reading?

Children can explore a vast array of grade-leveled stories crafted from a selection of characters, settings, and plots, all controlled to align with their reading level and interests and delivered at their grade-level. New story options are added regularly.

Is there an offline mode available for Spellbound Reading?

Currently, Spellbound Reading requires an internet connection to access the full range of personalized content and track progress effectively.

What devices support Spellbound Reading?

Spellbound Reading is currently accessible via iOS and Android devices. A browser-based version is in development as well.

Is there a Free Trial?

Yes! Experience Spellbound reading with a free 7-day trial.

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