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It’s no surprise that kids read more, and develop better reading skills, when they love what they read. Harness the power of personalized storytelling today.

About Us

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Spellbound Learning is an Educational Technology company creating next-generation learning experiences that truly inspire young learners. We believe that the best learning happens when children are motivated from within.

Our products achieve a deeper personal connection with young learners by safely and responsibly leveraging AI to deliver personalized and adaptive learning like never before.

As we enter an era of profound advancements in Learning Technology, Spellbound Learning is putting children-first by making the child the hero of their own learning journey.


To inspire young minds with personalized learning experiences that are as enchanting as they are effective.


Revolutionize education by harnessing the magic of technology to make learning an adventure where every child discovers their unique potential, one enchanting lesson at a time.

The Key to Spellbound

Our Core Values


Pursuit of out-of-the-box creative solutions.


Academic Excellence and tangible results.


Responsible and transparent especially with privacy and AI.


Prioritizing student engagement to ensure genuine learning


Making Learning a thrilling experience that kids naturally enjoy.

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